Cartography and Geomorphology


The Chair of Cartography and Geomorphology was founded in 1968 due to Doctor in Geo Sciences, professor S. Balyan's activities. S. Balyan has been the Head of the Chair since its foundation up to July 1, 1997. The Chair has been headed by Doctor in Geo Sciences, professor V.R. Boynagryan ever since. During thirty seven years of its existence The Chair of Cartography and Geomorphology has prepared more than three hundred specialists, i.e. more than two hundred geomorphologists and more than one hundred cartographers.

The graduates of the Chair of Cartography and Geomorphology work in different institutions of our country and abroad, i.e. Institute of Geology of NAS RA, Institute of “Armenian Geology” NU, Institute of Armenian Engineering, Institute of Nuclear Power, Armenian Institute of Geodesy, Institutes of ArmWaterProject, Water & Meteorology Services, National Security Service, Military College, General Headquarter of Army, Ministry of Ecology, Department of Emergency Situations, Schools, etc.

The Staff consists of six lecturers (one professor, three assistant professors, an assistant, and a lecturer), a laboratory head, a junior laboratory assistant, and two laboratory assistants.

The chair specializes in the following branches: Cartography, Cadaster, and Geomorphology.

During Soviet times students of Geomorphology had had their productive practice with different trip groups in different parts of the Soviet Union (Kamchatka, Patom plateau, Ural, Kazakhstan, etc. Students of Cartography had been accepted by different factories of cartography (Novosibirsk, Minsk, Sverdlovsk, and Tashkent).