Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology


In 1934 by Professor T. Jrbashian's initiative, the chair of General and Applied Geology was formed (for that times the first and the only one).

Subsequently, taking into consideration the demand of qualified hydrogeologists, engineer-geologists in Armenia, in 1952 the specialization of hydrogeology and engineering geology was included in General and Applied Geology chair, that acts to present. During different period of time the chair was headed by such scientists as professor H. Stepanyan, academician A. Aslanyan, professors V.Avetisyan, P.Boshnaghyan, associate professor V.Hasratyan, A.Ananyan, H.Gyoletsyan, E.Barseghyan. Since 2002 associate professor, S.Hayroyan heads the chair.

In 2004, the General and Applied Geology chair was renamed to hydrogeology and engineering geology chair. Since the day of its foundation the chair has dealt with the researches of such issues as regional hydrogeology, the evaluation of groundwater formation and balance, hydrogeological investigations in the field of hydrogeochemistry and soils' melioration, the ecology of geological environment, the composition, structure of rocks, the deformation and stability properties under the influence of different factors, the regularities of slope formation, their stability estimation, the global changes of climatic factors and the activities in hydrotechnical constructions in the Republic (construction of canals, intense water use), cement soils, estimation of confining layers of dams, etc. During different period, the chair members have had their active participation in the exploration of groundwater resources of the Republic, estimation of operational resources and compiling of 1:500000 scale hydrogeological maps of ground water resources and mineral water distribution. The chair has its serious contributions in the development of engineering protection measures of certain localities (Yerevan, Gyumri, Vardenis) including Yerevan underground. Some research has been carried out referring to the sedimentary rocks of Cretaceous and Paleogene age in the territory of Armenia. (V. Hasratyan, M. Movsisyan).

The chair has laboratories and cabinets of general geology, hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, soil mechanics, engineering geology, lithology that are provided with new equipment.

In the chair alongside the experienced, merited lecturers young, promising specialists work. Today the collaborators of the chair participate with great responsibility in the solution of university methodological issues with their work contributing to the preparation of highly qualified hydrogeologists and engineer-geologists the Republic needs.

The chair stuff has actively participated and continues to participate in international and local workshops and conferences. Parallel to the lectures and practical works with students (associate professors S.Hayroyan, J.Achoyan, assistant A.Aghinian, instructors T.Mkrtchyan, H.Shahnazaryan) investigations are being conducted in thematic and TOR basis.

Presently the students of the chair specialize in hydrogeology and engineering geology.

An applicant who chooses the specialization of hydrogeology and engineering geology should be well aware that he or she has chosen a multidiscipline field including both geology and physics-mathematical sciences. He will get knowledge and solve a number of issues referring to the field of engineering geology (especially referring to dangerous geological processes), hydrogeology, hydrotechnical constructions and ecology. To solve these issues he or she will make use of modern experimental devices and computer technologies. In order to master the practical and theoretical knowledge acquired during the years of education the student will have an educational practice in different areas of the Republic. He or she will participate in the scientific research and practical works carried out in the Republic and out of its borders. After graduation, he or she will have an opportunity to work as an engineer- geologist, hydrogeologist in the institutes of Geological Sciences of National Academy, in National Survey of Seismic protection, Ministry of Nature Protection, bottled mineral water factories, and other state and private companies.