Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry


The department of mineralogy and petrology which was renamed to the department of mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry was founded in 1950. Since 1950 the department has been headed by the following professors:

1950 - 1963 Associate Professor T. Sh. Tadevosyan.

1963 - 1995 Professors S. I. Balasanyan.

1995 - 2009 Professor R. G. Gevorgyan.

In 2009 the head of the department elected Sh. Khachatryan.

Starting from the day of foundation in the department were done considerable research works concerning to the studies of mineral products of mines of the RA.

In 80-90 ies were studied important problems on magmatizm, and also it were released and discovered certain regularity and evolution of volcanic and intrusive rocks material composition during the development of the Earth crust.

The results of accomplished works are summarized in Balasanyan's monographs and scientific articles.

From 2000 began to develop different spheres in the department, especially great attention was paid to applied spheres.

From 2000 various important investigations were done concerning petrology, geochemistry and origin problems of pale ocean crust rocks'under Gevorgyan's supervision.

Enormous works were done on the radioactive and industrial wastewater neutralization in the framework of international various grants and also were studied the properties of natural absorptive and exchange of ions of the RA.

The results of accomplished studies have reported in different international conferences.

Decade of articles have been published in native and foreign famous journals.

Beside applied problems there are carry out serious studies towards to raise geochemistry, localization and origin properties of mines utility fossils in the department.

In recent years it have been explored or shows' mineralogical and geochemical problems of the RA (uranium, gold, cooper, chrome).

The department is closely related with Italy's national research council Institute of nuclear and methodical chemistry.

From 2003 exists mutual visits with a certain Universities of the FRD and also restored scientific connections on department's initiative.

At present mineralogy and petrology are the main scientific spheres of the department. Fifteen professional subjects are thought in Bachelor and twenty in Magistracy. Fifty students study in Bachelor section and ten in Magistracy . In the department have thought various famous scientist such as academician H.G. Maghaqyan, S.S. Mkrtchyan, doctor-professor S.I. Balasanyan, H.H. Grigoryan, Sh.H. Amiryan, R. Mandalyan, docent T.Sh. Tadevosyan and others.

At present in the department teach famous specialists.

Works which carry out in the department are directed to equipping, and also are planning new syllabuses.

Hundreds research works and methological manuals have been published in the department.