Prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Deposits


Chair of Prospecting and Exploration of mineral deposits has been formed in 1952. It was time imperative. In the early fifties took a powerful impulse geological-prospecting works, aiming to create and mineral raw materials to ensure the rapid development of traditional living and formed a new industry sectors: colour metallurgy, building materials, the chemical and food industry. These years estimated gold the republic areas that has been proved the further carrying out prospecting work in which result were identified Sotq, Meghradzor gold deposits and on their basis have been created by an new branch of mountain industries.

In connection with sharply increasing volume of geological-prospecting works there was an imperative need of a professional training young specialities the necessary qualification: Geological survey, Prospecting and Exploration of mineral deposits. Lecturer of chair have high qualification, the big scientific and industrial experience of work. This tradition continues to this day.

The first Head of chair was and many years to it supervised the doctor of Geologic-mineralogical sciences, the professor, the honoured worker of a science and technics of republic B.S. Vaedapetyan (1952 - 1978). 1978-1994 over chair the doctor of Geologic-mineralogical sciences, professor B.H. Bezirganov. Since 1994 head of chair the candidate of Geologic-mineralogical sciences, Assistant Professor R.S. Movsesyan.