Social-economic Geography


Chair was found in 1933. From 1933 to 1936 it was headed by Tigran Atabekyan. After him chair was headed by Professor Gurgen Qocharyan, Assistant professors Sirak Berberyan, Yerem Yeghiazaryan, Aram Ohanyan, Professors Tadevos Hakobyan, Lemvel Valesyan, Aramayis Avagyan.

Chair provides the teaching of Social, Economical, Human geography, Nature use and Nature Protection, Service and Tourism.

In the chair was formed the ASSR Economic- Geographical map under scientific advice of Professor G.Qocharyan. Professor T.Hakobyan made the Dictionary of Armenia and occuring territories. Under the scientific advice of L.Valesyan and by A.Avagyan, K.Danielyan, M.Torosyan, M. Manasyan, S.Suvaryan, A. Potosyan was made the National Atlas of Armenia. Under the scientific advice of L.Valesyan was made the Atlas of Population and Culture of Armenia.

Chair has great contribution on the development of education filed. By lecturers A.Avagayan, G.Hovhannisyan, M.Torosyan, M.Manasyan, A.Potosyan, L.Valesyan were made textbooks of Geography for Secondary l and High School.

By the lecturers of chair were published no e than 30 monographs and books.

There are two Masters Programs. Now chair has foreign 12 PhD Students, 4 PhD (tuition by correspondence) Student and one PhD Student.

Nowadays staff of chair is following: Doctor of Geographical science Avagyan Aramayis (Chairman), Doctor of Geographical science Karine Danielyan, Doctor of Geographical science Maxim Manasyan, Associate professors Mitush Torosyan, Gurgen Hovhannisyan, Aksel Potosyan, Seyran Suvaryan, Assistant professors Tigran Sargsyan and Shvarsh Petrosyan, Lecturers Lilit Sargsyan, Karine Shaxoyan, Laborants Lusine Hakobyan, Margarita Chiqilizyan, Susanna Khacahtryan, Vahe Andreasyan.