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Contradicting Information about “Bear Cave” 25.07.2012

"Historical-cultural Reserve-museums and Historical Environment Preservation Service” SNCO has denied any information about damages to "Bear Cave”. Reminder: recently cave specialist Gor Hovhannisyan has beaten an alarm that stalactites in the premises have been broken, while worldwide unique helictites have been crushed. "Historical-cultural Reserve-museums and Historical Environment Preservation Service” SNCO informed Armenpress that "Arpi Natural-historical” Reserve Head Avet Hayrapetyan and "Gladzor University” Historical-cultural reserve-museum head Boris Qocharyan, as well as Gnishik Village Head representative visited the cave on 21 July. They recorded the door to the cave was closed, while any broken or shifted stalagmites were not detected in the first hall of the cave. No traces have been detected on the ground of the cave, while the cave entrance bars and surroundings were covered with spider webs.

Gor Hovhannisyan wrote on his wall, "The picture shows that the stones are just put in place, while no traces can be left inside, as stone crushes don’t keep any traces. By the way, what about spider web, a spider can cover the entrance area with web just within one hour. Right now I am willing to go and to show the destroyed part of the door, crushed helictites and stalactites.”

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