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What New Owners Will Do, if Land Users Deal with Reinstatement of Justice? 21.09.2012

The network of the Public Environmental Alliance actively discusses the initiative by Yerevan Municipality – to recognize the land areas as eminent public domain and to put up for sale. It turns out that Dalma Gardens, Mashtots Park, Student Park etc are not enough for the Municipality, this time we speak about Silikyan territory.The letter of Alliance member A. Gabrielyan says, "I learned from the program on Yerkir Media channel that Yerevan Municipality recognized the territory of Silikyan as eminent public domain and put it up for sale. Meanwhile, the land owners asked to sell them the land areas they rented at cadastre prices and not sell them to "foreigners”.This is already a tradition to sell land areas near Yerevan heat station for greenhouses. The municipality doesn’t have even in the back of the mind, these land areas are not their own, but they belong to citizens, and the municipality put up for sale property which doesn’t belong to its but makes use of well-known unlawful provisions of Land Code of Armenia, which regulates relations in regards with land. It turns out that legislators, executors and territorial administration, hand in hand, alienate territories from Armenian residents, which doesn’t belong to them under the law. And what new land owners will do, if land users will eventually realize this is their inalienable property and will deal with reinstitution of justice".

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