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Aim of “Save Sevan” Initiative Is to Protect Lake As Strategic Object Needed for Country and Nation

The society had decided to make an appeal to "Save Sevan” from destructive development of Sotq mine.

EcoLur | Добавил: AH | Дата: 17.08.2012

Water Outlets from Lake Sevan Reaching 280 Million Set up by Sevan Committee

On 16 August, the Armenian government decided to make water outlets from Lake Sevan up to 279.2 million square meters to ensure continuous irrigation of land areas supplied with Sevan-Hrazdan irrigation-energy system.

EcoLur | Добавил: AH | Дата: 17.08.2012

On the Eve of Amulsar Project Hearings

On 30 July the hearings on Amoulsar gold mine opencast development will be held at Nature Protection Ministry.

EcoLur | Добавил: AH | Дата: 25.07.2012

Expired Pesticides on Agenda of Government

The Armenian government will deal with the expired pesticides left from the Soviet period.

EcoLur | Добавил: AH | Дата: 25.07.2012

Nature Protection Ministry Hastily Approving Antienvironmental Projects thus Violating Public Rights

Hot period of approving anti-environmental projects has launched in violations with public rights – participation in decision-making process.

EcoLur | Добавил: AH | Дата: 25.07.2012

Contradicting Information about “Bear Cave”

"Historical-cultural Reserve-museums and Historical Environment Preservation Service” SNCO has denied any information about damages to "Bear Cave”.

EcoLur | Добавил: AH | Дата: 25.07.2012

Activists: Who Permitted to Change Dalar Riverbed

The civic initiative of Trchkan supporters and "Bnapahpanutyun” (Nature Protection) group disseminated on Facebook social network a statement to Nature Protection Minister Aram Harutyunyan

EcoLur | Добавил: Admin | Дата: 23.05.2012

Nature Protection Ministry and Natural resources Ministry Don’t Deal with Seismic Safety of Tailing Dumps, Mines and Toxic Dumps in Armenia

Nature Protection Ministry and Energy and Natural Resources Ministry of Armenia don’t deal with the seismic safety of the tailing dumps, mines and toxic dumps in Armenia.

EcoLur | Добавил: Admin | Дата: 23.05.2012

Another Gold Mine for Export

Another gold mine, one out of 14 in the balance of Armenia, is going to be opencast developed. This is Bardzradir or Mazrin mine located next to Tsav Village in Syunik region.

EcoLur | Добавил: Admin | Дата: 23.05.2012

On Eve of Elections Government Drew Attention to Wide-scale Losses of Fertile Land Areas

The official website of the Armenian government says on April 19 for the purpose to assist rural households the Armenian government permitted

EcoLur | Добавил: AH | Дата: 23.04.2012




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